What to do in Prague - Perfect Saturday Morning

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Ahhh, we love Saturdays! Especially when the weather is nice and we did not stay up late the night before, Saturday morning is definitely one of our most favorite times of the week. We will reveal the secret of a great Prague Saturday morning: a visit to the farmers' market at the river embankment under the Vysehrad fortress! It's a great way to blend in with the locals, taste some great food and enjoy sights and places that only the locals (and now you) know about.

We suggest you start at the Vysehrad subway stop and walk to the Vysehrad fortress. Enjoy the views and the calm, and walk down past Chochol's cubist villas and the railway bridge to grab something to eat at the market (they close at 2pm, and the sooner you come, the bigger the assortment). Optionally, finish with a glass of wine or two at Na brehu Rhony next door. Alternatively, you can also cross the railway bridge (we always get a thrill doing that) and just turn left to reach Wine Food Market for some really nice Italian fare.

We would then recommend walking either to the Na Ztracence park and eat whatever you bought at the market there, enjoying the view of the Vysehrad fortress (Bogdan Trojak of the Veltlin wine bar goes there to write poetry), or walk towards the centre on the embankment. Stop at I Need Coffee for coffee, croissant or "kremrole" - a meringue roll. Follow by the river past the Dancing House. If you still feel like having some meat, stop at The Real Meat Society before you continue to the centre.

There are some shopping opportunities on the way, too. We love Papelote, a modern Czech stationery shop, and could easily spend looong minutes there. Also, you should pay a visit to our friends Martina and Jan of Kurator, a tiny shop with a big heart just a few steps off the National Theatre. Zuzi is absolutely in love with that place, Jan usually goes there for a chat (or to buy something for Zuzi). Kurator always displays a curated selection of pieces by young designers from from the Czech Republic and abroad. Finally, time for desserts, food or wines at Cafe Savoy, Atelier Red & Wine or Red Pif

Have fun!

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